Christian View of Sex

This weekend I am leading a small group of Senior High School students in a two day discussion on the Christian view of sex.  The United Methodist conference has a full time person that is available to lead the workshop – she does a great job.  I believe that this is one of the most important discussions that we have with our youth all year.  The workshop starts Friday night at 5pm and ends at 4pm on Saturday.  We have two sessions on Friday night and two sessions on Saturday with the youth.  The youth are in groups of about 12 with mixed sexes – this is important.  During the sessions we will talk about the messages of sex in our culture (magazines, advertisements, media, etc), agree/disagree assessment statements that range from “Boys should decide where to go and what to do on a date” to “Oral sex is a great way to express your love for someone else, while remaining abstinent”, misconceptions of the opposite sex, masculine/feminine stereotypes, how to set boundaries, and Christian decision making.  At the end of the first three sections, the youth have an opportunity to ask anonymous questions in the Question Box.  I worked with the Junior High students last year and this is where you, as an adult, really learn about the soup these kids are swimming in every day. 

After the youth leave on Saturday, we have a session with their parents.  We show the parents all of the information we covered (worksheets, games, discussions) and we show them all of the questions from the question box.  This usually shocks the parents big time. 

Relationships and dating are very important in the maturation process of these kids, but the pressures for sex are everywhere. I really believe that the church should do everything possible to help today’s youth understand their bodies, set boundaries for themselves, and develop better decision making processes. 

Do you think the church should engage in this conversation with the youth (or general congregation for that matter)?

Why is it difficult for parents to bring this topic up with their children, especially when it is so prevalent in all forms of media (they know their kids are hearing about it)?




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4 responses to “Christian View of Sex

  1. Atsirk

    I think that conversations with our children and students in youth groups about sex are necessary. I think the younger that we (as parents and mentors) are open and honest with children about their bodies, sex, and God’s plan for sex the better.
    My eight year old is asking questions about it because of watching animal planet. Mommy – what’s that duck doing to the other duck?
    It’s everywhere.

  2. James

    I do believe that the church should be having these discussions with youth, young adults, adults, and old adults. As you stated the “messages of sex in our culture (magazines, advertisements, media, etc)” are everywhere. As a a middle school teacher I shiver to think about the number of 12-13 year olds that are sexually active. Do I have data to support an actual number? No, but based on conversations I overhear and notes that I find, the “innocence” of children is being lost at a much earlier age. Not to mention, in 8th grade they are taking a health class which holds nothing back. While they talk about abstinence as the best way to “prevent” certain things, they don’t talk about the emotional impact that lasts forever.

    I like what you said about the church helping today’s youth understand their bodies for themselves and develop better decision making processes. The bottom line is that girls and boys are going to feel certain things as they grow and mature. These feelings and desires were created by God and it is important to understand how He intends these to be acted on. Too often the church wants to put it’s head in the sand and hope these issues go away.

    I suspect that parents are often weary of talking about sex for various reasons and maybe some small group discussions with other parents would be beneficial.

    I realize that the class you speak of is geared at youth, but I do believe the church needs to open its eyes to the impact sex has on all ages. Whether you are 18, 28 or 38, male or female, the issues of sex is probably effecting you in some way.

  3. sigmugi

    Atsirk (nice name), thanks for your comments. I’m not surprised your eight year old is asking about mating animals.

  4. sigmugi

    James, thanks for your comments. I am very tired after leading the youth for the last two days – Emotionally spent. As a middle/high school teacher, I imagine this is how you feel everyday. I am going to try to summarize the experience in another post. It might happen tonight.

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