Men’s Hike on the AT

I am going on a 26 mile hike over four days on the Appelachian Trail with 20 guys from my church this weekend.  We leave Wednesday after work.  I am looking forward to experiencing the largeness of God’s earth and the minuteness of me.

Cheers to my brother for letting me borrow all of his gear again this year! 



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4 responses to “Men’s Hike on the AT

  1. Matt

    Ahhh, 4 days on the AT. Sounds like heaven. Hopefully it’s not too hot. Enjoy.

  2. James

    Sounds awesome. Would love to join you guys one day.

  3. sigmugi

    The trip was awesome! I will write a longer update later, but here is a quick overview: my car broke down in Sevierville, TN, I left at a dealership and prayed it would be fixed by Sunday, bear stole my food bag out of a tree the first night, excellent message by Bruce every morning and excellent fire side debrief every evening, and I need a tarp next time, and my car was fixed and ready for me on Sunday to drive home. I am very tired.

  4. Bennett

    26 miles? It’s on the internet so it must be true.

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