Operation Green Team

Our church has started a new practice of kicking the congregation out of the church for a day of missions in the community about once a quarter.  Today I was part of a crew that volunteered to clean up after the Whistle Stop Barbeque Festival.  (This is an annual event in Huntsville where master smokers and grillers come from all over the country to compete in cooking pork and chicken – Amanda and I attended the festival Friday night and had a great time.)  We had 67 adults and children show up to help.  We cleaned all of the trash off the grounds and collected, sorted, and moved all 300 of the green garbage cans in about 90 minutes.  The city Green Team crew was extremely appreciative of our work.  Their crew worked an 80 hour week last week preparing and cleaning up after Panoply, and worked close to an 80 hour work week last week preparing for Whistle Stop.  They are going to get to relax a little more next week.  They were amazed at the number that showed up to help.  The Depot was crawling with kids picking up trash with the grabber sticks.  The city Green Team crews work behind the scenes of most of the city sponsored events and festivals and they rarely (never?) get any appreciation.  


Observation: Most of the “trash” in the cans was material that could be recycled (water bottles, paperboard containers, aluminum cans, etc.


Challenge: Be sure to thank the city workers that enhance our quality of life in Huntsville – not just the ones that are trying to get re-elected!


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