Memorial Day Weekend


The long weekend was very nice!  I really wanted to lie on the couch and just relax one of the days, but that didn’t happen.  Here is a run down of my Memorial Day Weekend:



·     Mowed the yard – Nothing out of the ordinary.

·     Cleaned the garage – Once a year my garage vomits all of its contents out onto the driveway.  I swept the floor and removed the spider webs from the ceiling corners.  I then bring all of the contents back into the garage one-at-a-time.  First of all, this forces me to realize how much junk we store in the garage, and second it incentivizes me to get rid of what we don’t use or need.  I took a truck load of gently used items to Goodwill.  I found my daughter’s harmonica and she spent about 15 minutes serenading me as I cleaned (who needs/wants an ipod when you have this?) I’m sure Claudia will appreciate this picture later in life. The cleaning process took most of Saturday afternoon, but it was worth it.

·     Cooked Dinner – I grilled hamburgers and we all ate on the back patio.  The weather was great.



·     Church – I was part of a drama during the service.  The drama was a spin off of the Mac vs. PC commercials.  I was the Mac guy.  The theme of the little drama was “Worrying”.  Steve Henderson was the PC guys and he was over the top funny.  I forgot to turn my microphone on – fortunately I speak loudly most everyone said they heard me fine.

·     Leak – I got home from church and discovered a leak behind a wall in my kitchen.  I called a plumber.  Amanda and the kids went over to some friends house to swim.  Plumber came and fixed the leak.  Now all I have to do is patch the hole in the sheetrock.  I’m sure I’ll get to it before Christmas.

·     Pool Party – We had a great time swimming at the Weir’s pool.  There were over 15 kids swimming and playing together. Exactly what summertime should be.



·     Cotton Row Run – I woke up way too early to run the annual 10K race in Huntsville.  My training this year wasn’t what is has been in years past, and my time reflected that.  I ran the 10K in 52:25 – two minutes slower than last year.  This race is renown for the hill at mile 3 – It’s a killer and can really blow your time (and body) up. 

·     Lunch at the Lake – We loaded up the family and went out to my parent’s lake house.  In true Lowe fashion, my dad had a “project” he needed us to do.  He needed help rewiring the fountain.  The rewiring part was easy, Assembling the fountain afterward was not.  The base bowl weighed over 500 lbs.  We engineered a solution and got it and the rest of it put together.  After the project we enjoyed lunch together with my sister’s family and my brother and his son – Kevin’s wife had to work at the hospital.


I didn’t get my afternoon to lounge on the couch, but I got a lot accomplished – most importantly was spending time with immediate family, close friends, and extended family.  This was a great weekend to kick off summer.


What did you do on your Memorial Day Weekend?






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