Trinity Friends

Last night our Sunday School Class and the women from the Susanna Wesley Circle hosted Trinity Friends at our church.  Trinity Friends is a group of “special needs” adults that meets once a month for dinner, games, and socializing.  There were about 40 “friends”, 25 care givers, and 30 volunteers at the event.  We decided to have a Luau theme for the event.  Chik-fil-a donated enough chicken to feed everyone (almost twice), Publics donates rolls, and Wal-mart donated the deserts.  We had a great time.  Here are some observations from the event:


  • These guys and girls love to talk.  I spent dinner talking to Dee, Penny, and Stephen.  All of them have jobs and are proud of what they do.
  • They love to play games.  BINGO is huge.  We also played limbo and a game where we all joined hands in a big circle.  We had to pass a hoola-hoop from one person to the next without breaking our hands.  Some of the adults were in wheel chairs, which made the game interesting, but we succeeded in getting the hoop all around the circle.
  • They love to dance.  Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance are perennial favorites.
  • The love to sing.  We decided to give karaoke a go with them this year, and they loved it.  Zach sang Hollaback Girl and most of them got out of their seats and danced.  It was highly entertaining.
  • The laughter was intoxicating.  These guys and girls laughed all night.
  • The sense of community was touching.  Some of the adults had more needs than others.  The more capable ones looked out for those that were less capable by pushing their wheel chairs during Limbo and Hokey Pokey to getting drinks for them.


This is the third year that our class has hosted the May dinner for Trinity Friends.  I was intimidated the first year not knowing how to act around adults with special needs.  I quickly realized that these adults are children of God just like me, and are actually very easy to get to know.  I now look forward to talking to Jesse about driving a car, talking to Charlie about professional wrestling, and talking to Penny about how clean she keeps the foyer at McDonalds.  Serving and participating in this event is rewarding for me and the other volunteers and I think the participants in Trinity Friends have a great time.


Special thanks to Beth Wilson for organizing the event, and to the other volunteers that made the evening very special!




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3 responses to “Trinity Friends

  1. James

    This is great stuff Larry. From someone who is lived with and helped support an adult with disabilities it is great to here about events like this. In my experience you have to really search hard to find such groups.

  2. I think it is hard to feel like you can relate to these people at first, but when you sit down and start talking to them it’s really easy and enlightening. We enjoyed the evening, too!

  3. sigmugi

    James, Thanks for the comments. I hope your move from Wisconsin to ATL goes well.

    Hillary, glad you guys participated.

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