New Mix

I am one of those people that like to make mix CDs.  I enjoy marking the music that resonates with me during certain stages in my life.  I usually get a theme in mind and the music just flows.  Right now I am excited that one of my good friends (James Dinsmore) is moving back south.  He and his wife Jen have been living in Madison, Wisconsin for the past four years, and they are moving to Atlanta this week.  I’m excited he is going to be at least a reasonable car ride away.  


I’m about five songs short of completing the mix.  Here is what I got so far


1. Homecoming                                  Kanye and Chris Martin

2. Over my Head                                The Fray

3. Going On                                        Gnarls Barkley

4. Well Thought Out Twinkles            Silver Sun Pickups

5. I’m Amazed                                     My Morning Jacket

6. Islands on the Coast                       Band of Horses

7. Reckoner                                        Radiohead

8. Put It on Me                                     Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

9. The Pretender                                 Foo Fighters

10. A-Punk                                          Vampire Weekend

11. Emblems                                      Matt Pond PA

12. Read My Mind                               Killers

13. Mississippi                                    JJ Grey and Mofro

14. Jesus Etc.                                     Wilco

15. Jigsaw Falling Into Place              Radiohead


What am I missing?  Help me out here.  I need exposure to new music.



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5 responses to “New Mix

  1. James

    I’m extremely excited as well Larry. I especially can’t wait to get the packing over with!! It’s been pretty surreal this week. I do so many things and I’m like, that’s the last time I’ll do that here. It’s also weird to work so closely with people/kids and think that I will probably never see some of them again.

    Anyway, the mix looks amazing as always. I’m very out-of-touch with music these days. I’ve become a podcast addict.

  2. sigmugi

    What podcasts would you recommend?

  3. James

    I love Brian Tome from Crossroads church in Cincinnati. The fermi stuff is interesting. I’ve listened to several from Andy Stanley at Northpoint and enjoyed them. Our current pastor Tom Flaherty at Mad City Church and our former pastor Shane Holden at Damascus Road church are both great.

    For technology stuff…Leo Laporte the Tech Guy!

  4. I’m so glad you follow the at least 20 songs rule. Excellent choice with Radiohead by the way.

  5. sigmugi

    sadiesadie, I didn’t know there was a 20 song rule. I use the how many songs fit on an audio CD rule. Thanks for the feedback. What else would you add?

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