Busy Times

I’ve been very busy this past week with work and filling out a profile packet for Young Professional of the Year.  At work, I am managing numerous programs, and they all had major events in the same week (I hate it when that happens).  I am excited just to be nominated for YPOY in Huntsville.  I know some of the other nominees, and they are very talented and have done a tremendous amount for the community.  I enjoy working with these people on creating a vision for the future of Huntsville.  The application process was a fun exercise to go through – it’s always challenging to try to capture oneself on paper in an application.  The first half of the application focused on roles at work.  The second half focused on roles in the community.  After the profile was filled out it was great to take a step back and use it as a tool to assess where my priorities lie.  I highlighted my work as a technical manager at a radar hardware company, an education advocate in the community, and young adult leader in the church.  The profile illuminated one of my greatest weaknesses, which is a tendency to get involved in too many “opportunities” at the expense of my family.  I have to guard my time with the family and consider it holy.  My kids won’t ask me for an hour in my calendar – They just stare at me and watch.  I want to be the best father possible, but also want to demonstrate to them the importance of caring for your community and putting your faith into action.  This is difficult to balance at times. 



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2 responses to “Busy Times

  1. Congratulations, sounds a worthy award.

  2. sigmugi

    Thank you, Duncan.

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