Interesting Topics

Some of the interesting conversations and sites from this past week.


  • Conversation with Bennett about the role of Baptism during our bike ride the other morning.  Is baptism required for one to become a Christian, or is it just an outward and visible sign or action to the rest of the community declaring our faith in Jesus Christ?  If I accept that Baptism is required for the forgiveness of one’s sins, then does that mean that Christ dying on the cross was not a complete action in the forgiveness of sins?  What is the point of infant baptism?  When should one be baptized?  Interesting discussion…  I was baptized as an infant in the Methodist church and then was baptized again once I accept Christ after Confirmation as a teenager.  All three of my kids were baptized as infants.  Was it necessary?  I don’t know if it was necessary for their faith formation, but it was important to us to declare to the church that we will do everything in our power to raise these children in a Christian environment.  I think it is also important for the church to celebrate new births in the church family and to acknowledge their role as the community of believers to help raise these kids.  I sometimes think that the esoteric arguments of religion get people bent out of shape, and they miss the beauty and power of the communal actions of declaring your faith or sharing your most prized and beloved relationships.


  • Check out Jeff Shinabarger’s blog describing the actions of Leroy Barber.  I saw Leroy speak at the Fermi Q conference in April.  The quote from his upcoming book about social justice is just incredible.  I am looking forward to reading the whole book.


  • Amanda (my wife) is with the senior high youth from church all week on their mission trip to Maysville, North Carolina.  They will be helping an impoverished community by building/repairing houses and other general labor jobs.  I will be joining up with them Thursday night for the Ichthus Music Festival.  Should be a fun week.


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