Message without words

Check out this video that I ripped from a friend’s blog site.  What I find interesting about the video is 1)communication without words and 2) the message that involving yourself in the community can sometimes lead you into very strange circumstances.  How many of you have involved yourself in a situation only to find that you created the basketball rolling down the sidewalk?  I know that sometimes I create a lot more problems out of the situations I try to solve.



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2 responses to “Message without words

  1. I’ve been looking at this video on my google reader for days, thinking I’d get to it later. Today I watched it. Wow. It was really good! And I like your application to building community: that sometimes it gets messy and the first solution isn’t usually the right one. Nor is the easy one always the right one. Really good thoughts.

  2. sigmugi

    Thanks Marla. I have enjoyed your conversation with Duncan on his site. Over the past few days the “Attractional vs Missional” thread has been on my mind.

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