CrossFit Challenge

My brother, Kevin, has challenged me to give CrossFit a try.  Those of you that know my brother, know that our genetic makeup is completely different (Same parents – way different bodies and minds).  Kevin has always been a big dude – I am longer and lankier.  He was a state champion wrestler in high school and got into body building in college.  Well after college, he slowly started gaining weight.  Last year he has bigger than he wanted to be so he started doing CrossFit.  He was ripped again in no time.  I think he lost 30 pounds in the last 90 days.  The best I can describe CrossFIt is a lot of full body movement with heavy items.  Check out this video.  Kevin is the front guy doing the dumbbell pushups press exercise and he is the last guy in the video doing lunges with the slosh pipe – big pipe half full of water – hard to keep balanced.  Watching Kevin is a little intimidating.  I will be doing lunges with a garden hose empty and will probably be crying like a baby.  I think I am going to go for a free trial run next week.  I want to do a 90 day routine and see what it does to me.  Three years ago I was doing triathlon’s, now I just run and bike half heartedly.  I need something new to get me motivated.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Team Circus will also get the challenge to join me – you know who you are.

Have any of you tried CrossFit? 

Any other suggestions to get me exercising again?



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7 responses to “CrossFit Challenge

  1. James

    Looks challenging and fun. Reminds me of this place in Madison, WI:

    It has it’s own culture. You do the workout barefoot, no mirrors, no mp3 players, etc. They had a 60 day challenge.

    I’m laughing at the thought of you with a garden hose over you’re head doing lunges.

    I think you have to commit to something, like a triathlon, to get going. Or just have someone comment about your physical appearance in a picture. 🙂

  2. Matt

    Larry, do you need Homer to ask who the fat guy is again?

  3. Matt

    Cause this time it would be me.

  4. sigmugi

    That is still one of my funniest Homer moments “Who’s the fat kid in middle?”

    Nice stuff!

  5. James

    I was thinking more of Larry’s comment on my muddy buddy photo. I’ve ran or biked every day since then.

  6. I am very excited that you decided to take a sip of the crossfit cool-aid! You should be excited also. Since it is a program built upon individual scalability (sp?) you have nothing to worry about. The most common thing that people “fear” about crossfit style workouts is if they will be able to push themselves out of their “comfort zone”. Once you accept the fact that your will not die from overexertion (you will just pass out or puke)….once you accept and push through the mental glass ceiling the results become very addicting physically and you learn what you can achieve mentally. I could write an entire diatribe about how everyone (young, old, man, woman, fat, lazy, etc, etc) can improve both their health, mental fortitude, and many other aspects of their lives if they could just have enough courage to take the first step.

    want some inspiration? want to realize that YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE??

    watch this

  7. Workout Hangover

    Well today was my first class. I will say this I did not finish the workout but I worked hard on what I did finish. I pushed myself past my comfort zone and did puke. I will be back and will do all I can do to finish the workout. That is my only goal at this point not a fast time. I AM SO SORE, CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY TO SEE WHAT I FEEL LIKE.

    For the workout hangover, I have a bad one. My hair hurts after today!

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