Thank You Sir, May I Please Have Another – CrossFit Week #2

I am amazed that the two previous CrossFit posts are now the most read posts on my blog.  A lot of people seem interested in this exercise philosophy.  So to pad my blog hits with additional CrossFit searches, here is a list of the exercises I did over the ten days.


Monday 7/21/2008 – 400 yard sprint outside in the Matrix parking lot, jog back into the building, 21 kettle bell thrusters, 21 push-ups, jog back outside, 400 yard sprint, jog back in, 15 thrusters, 15 push ups, jog back out, 400 yard sprint, jog back in 9 thruster, and 9 push ups.  Time – 16:30  (It was only 102 degrees that day, running in the parking lot was great).


Tuesday 7/22/2008 – 30 repetitions of the following exercises:

Kettlebell Get-ups

Ring dips

Air Squat

Knees to Elbows

Kettle bell thrusters

24 in box jumps

Ball slams w/ 25 lb medicine ball

Time – 22:00


I had to do my dips on the parallel bars.  I was too weak to use the rings.  The knees to elbow exercise is done on the pull-up cage – while suspended, curl your body so that your knees touch your elbows.  My abs appreciated the exercise.  Thank you sir, may I please have another.


Wednesday 7/23/2008 – Thee rounds of 30 reps on the bench press and 400 yards on the row machine.  After warming up throwing the 10 pound medicine ball at each other, Russell asked for two volunteers.  I was feeling froggy, so I volunteered.  Russel looked at me and asked if I could bench my body weight.  I said, “maybe a couple of times.”  “Can you do it 30 times?”  “Uhhh, no”.  “Ok, start out with 135”.  I have not done bench press in a long, long time.  I got through 10 reps and racked it.  Pulled it down and finished a set of 5 with help from the spotter.  Russell told me to drop weight to 115.  I struggled through the remaining 15 reps breaking them down into sets of three.  Right into rowing.  We had to keep out pace under 150 (units of some sort).  I dropped weight again on the bench for the second set.  The next 400 yards on the rower sucked (My form is not particularly good, especially when I am completely without energy).  I completed the last set of bench with only 65 pounds – struggling to get that weight to go up. (That’s right – I’m weak!)

Time – 24:00


Friday 7/25/2008 – Tobata (or as Jason T. renamed it “A-lot-a”).  We did seven rounds or 20 seconds of work wit 10 seconds of rest.  The exercises were

Air Squat

Sit Ups


Kettle bell thrusters

24 inch box jumps


On the air squats and burpees we had to call out how many we did on the first round, then Russell had to do at least that many on the last round or we get a penalty.  I got a penalty on both, which means I had extra work to do at the end.  I had to do another set of 20 seconds of air squats, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds air squat, … I was calling Russell unrepeatable names in my head (with what little oxygenated blood was available up there).


Saturday 7/26/2008 – I ran 3.5 miles in the neighborhood.  


Monday 7/28/2008 – In 20 minutes, we had to see how many sets of five pull ups, ten pushups, and 15 air squats we could complete.  I got eleven sets.  I have weak chest and shoulders right now, so the push ups really slowed me down.


Tuesday 7/29/2008 – Four rounds of 12 front bar bell squats and 30 yards of burpee-broad jumps.  What are burpee broad jumps you ask?  Do a burpee and then do a flat footed broad jump and then do another burpee and then another broad jump, …  I was squatting with 95 pounds.  That was a good weight for me.  It was difficult to get up, but due to the number of air squats I have been doing, I felt solid during the exercise (spent, but solid).

Time – 24:00


Wednesday 7/30/2008 – Run 5K on the cross country course behind the muni golf course.  Russell introduced to us the Pose running method.  My calves hurt.

Time – 27:20



  • Russell talked to us about diet Tuesday morning.  There are a number of diet philosophies that he recommends (Zone, block, Paleolithic, …) but what I distilled from the discussion (it was after a hard workout, so my brain was only partially working) is that we need to eliminate all cheap carbs from our diet (breads, chips, sodas, basically anything that can sit on the shelf at the grocery store for a long time).  I asked if Subway was good.  He said only if you ask them to put the meat, cheese, and vegetables in your hands as they make it.  I took that as a no. 
  • I have not lost any weight yet.  My body already feels tighter and stronger, but the scale still reads the same.  Just an observation.
  • I am no longer sore from the workouts. I get fatigued, but not the advil-popping-to-function sore.  I think I have been to enough classes that my body believes that I am serious this time.  Over the past year, my body has rolled its eyes at me when I started exercising knowing that I wouldn’t last past a week or two.  I think I have slapped him around enough that he is taking me seriously now.


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One response to “Thank You Sir, May I Please Have Another – CrossFit Week #2

  1. Jason

    I will agree with Larry that overtime the recovery is quicker, but I am still popping Aleve and drinking insane amounts of water. Unbeknownst to me, I actually wake up around 4AM most mornings feely rested and wonder if it’s time for Crossfit. I don’t get up, instead I fall back asleep until 5 or 5:30 (I didn’t won’t anyone to think I was crazy!) Today at class was “Static exercise day” If you haven’t experienced it, you should. I’ll let Larry elaborate to our schedule b/c the lack of oxygen to my brain during my fourth set of box jumps has caused me to forget what I did prior to that.

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