E-Waste Export

We all have computers, and we all get news ones.  As a steward of this Earth, pay attention to where the E-waste goes.  I work in the electronics industry, and there is some nasty stuff in the circuit boards, plastic enclosures, and monitors.  Be responsible with you old computer when you get a new one.  This video opened my eyes to where some of our E-waste goes.  I didn’t realize that some “e-waste “recyclers” just shipping it to developing nations to get burned or thrown in their rivers.  Yikes!



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2 responses to “E-Waste Export

  1. Devorah

    It’s true that we all get new computers, but the network hardware that we buy doesn’t have to be brand-new. This whole problem could be easily avoided by reducing the amount of e-waste we have in the first place. Buying used network hardware from places like UsedCisco.com has become a safe option, due to the 1-3 year warranty that they offer. Buying used instead of new isn’t only a good way to save money; it’s also the best way to take care of our e-waste problem- stopping it where it starts, with wasteful purchases.

  2. sigmugi

    Devorah, excellent point! Thank you for reminding us that we all don’t require the biggest, fastest, newest electronics hardware. Buying used is an option we all need to be aware of. What other sites are there for purchasing used computers and monitors? Anything more reputable than e-bay?

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