GATR Employee #10

After seven years working as a radar systems analysis at TSC-Phase IV Systems, I am moving on.  I am the newest employee at GATR Technologies!  My first day is Monday, August 11th.  I have helped Paul Gierow, GATR President, develop and mature an inflatable antenna technology for satellite communications over the past five years, so I am very familiar with the GATR technology, company, and staff.  The current staff has done a remarkable job of getting the technology working and demo systems in the hands of users.  I am looking forward to joining the GATR team and helping take the business to the next level.


GATR is a small business (10 employees) that has developed an inflatable antenna solution for satellite communications.  Visit the link above to GATR’s website to get a detailed description of the technology.  Basically, they have created a lightweight, quickly deployable satellite dish.  Instead of requiring a big rigid heavy dish to access a satellite link, The GATR inflatable antenna can be stuffed in a backpack, set up in remote areas, and on a satellite in less than an hour.  When inflated, the antenna is electrically equivalent to a rigid dish of the same diameter.  You essentially get a lot of bandwidth without much of a weight or volume cost.  It was named one of Popular Sciences 2007 Inventions of The Year.


Some of the uses of the antenna include:


My position at GATR is Vice President of Engineering.  My job responsibilities include technically managing the development of the antenna for new applications, managing the engineering staff, pursuing new business through proposal writing, managing a large customer set in Washington DC, and pursuing alternative users for the technology.  It is a small company, and I will be involved in all aspects of operations.  I am really excited about the change and looking forward to the challenge of getting this product in the hands of users across the globe.  The potential applications for this technology are numerous.


I am truly grateful for my experience at Phase IV.  I started working there straight out of graduate school.  The founders, president, and the other managers helped me mature into a leader in the company.  The most difficult part of the transition is leaving the personal relationships I have developed over the past seven years.  There are some truly talented people at Phase IV, and I will miss working and dialoging with them. 


I will write more about the inflatable antenna technology in future posts!



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6 responses to “GATR Employee #10

  1. Congrats on your new job. Sounds like you have some interesting work ahead of you.

  2. Congratulations on this new phase of life for you! And how fun that your new job coincides (at least in Florida) with the start of the new school year. Everything seems fresh and new then. Prayers will cover you as you walk into a new set of relationships, new phase of work habits. Enjoy!

  3. sigmugi

    Thanks, Abi!

    Marla, Thanks for the prayers! I am really excited about the new opportunity. It also coincides with the start of schools in Huntsville. I now have a second grader and a kindergartener. Lots of change going on in my house!

  4. Congratulations, hope the move goes well and that it’s all you hope it will be.

  5. Mike Chaplin

    WOW. That is so cool. New technology that has a valid application. It must be really exciting to be part of the birth stages of something like this. Congrats.

  6. As long as we’re being anonymous…

    I ran across your posts and was touched by the nice things to say about your former colleagues. I don’t know if you remember me by my employee number, but I inherited the PM position on one of your jobs. (Hint, does the date 10/15/08 ring a bell?) We are all running full steam on the program and are making progress. Unfortunately, you are missing out on the most stressful part of the program. My guess is that you strategically timed your departure! Seriously, we miss your presence so keep in touch!

    P.S. I think the Styrofoam coffee cups are back in use.

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