We Are Made To Create

I am currently reading Andy Crouch’s new book titled Culture Making.  In the book Mr. Crouch makes the case that the God introduced to us at the beginning of the book of Genesis is a Creating God and a Cultivating God.  We are God’s image bearers; therefore, we are also made to create.  This is exciting to me.  I love being around innovators – Scientists that discover, Technologists that invent, Authors that introduce, Painters that capture, Teachers that inspire, Entrepreneurs that drive, Directors that capture,…  I draw energy and get jazzed by just reading, watching, and listening to creative people.  I guess that’s why I am a sucker for TED Talks, Q, Good Magazine, and many inspiring blogs.  These people capture a vision, take elements from the culture they live in, transform them, and they create something new.  As an example watch the video Benched, and check out what Jeff Shinabarger and friends did in their East Atlanta neighborhood.  This is a great example of how to change culture.  In the book, Mr. Crouch says,

“The only way to change culture is to create more of it…Cultural change will only happen when something new displaces, to some extent, existing culture in a very tangible way.”

A lot of people, myself included, are guilty of seeing an injustice and talking about it, raising awareness of it by writing about it on blogs, criticizing those involved, critiquing the way it ought to be done.  I have come to discover that this is a weak and cowardly way to be involved.  I have experienced the frustration of this posture towards the problem of public education.  Ask ten different people how they would correct the problem and you will get ten very different answers.  Ask those same people if they will volunteer at an under-resourced school, and you will be surprised by the response (maybe not).  In Huntsville, I love what the Lincoln Village Project has done with Lincoln Elementary School and the surrounding neighborhood.  I love that a handful of members from my Sunday school class started delivering bags of food on Friday afternoon at Terry Heights Elementary to be put in the backpacks of the kids that completely rely on the school for the meals they get.  I love being a reading buddy for a third grader at Terry Heights.  Getting involved in a problem is the only way to inspire change. 

Become involved, create something new!



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2 responses to “We Are Made To Create

  1. I love the quote you included. It is interesting that folks criticize culture and those in it without providing a reasonable alternative – especially those in the church.

    I love it – Christians should be the most creative folks around – in technology, art, and everything in between.

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