Invite Yourself to Lunch

Today at church our oldest daughter, Claire, asked the Youth Minister’s wife if our family could come over to their house to eat lunch.  Yep, she just invited our whole family over to invade their Sunday afternoon.  Debbie said they would be honored if we came over for lunch, but told Claire to make sure it was ok with us, her parents, first.  I had a ton of things to do this afternoon, but thought the idea of hanging out with the Akers sounded fun.  We picked up some tortilla chips, grapes, and ice cream sandwiches to go with the leftover chicken chili that Debbie offered.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  Tony shared stories from the senior high camping trip, I shared information from Catalyst, we all talked about their successful first year garden, and of course talked about our kids.  Claudia and Hannah played house, Joshua and Sam shot each other (and me) with Nerf guns, Claire played with the smaller girls, and Madison sat and conversed with the adults. 


I think we all need to experience lunch with our friends more often.  We are called to community and need to make more time in our schedules to just share (food, conversation, our time, our minds, our hearts, etc) with each other.  If Claire wouldn’t have invited our family over to their house, we would have missed this opportunity. 


Challenge: Invite a friend over for lunch or dinner this week.  Do it without any agenda except to just hang out with each other.


Note: we did have a conversation with Claire about the appropriateness of inviting herself places.  We didn’t want to crush her on this, but didn’t want her to make it a habit either.



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3 responses to “Invite Yourself to Lunch

  1. I still think our little people are our best teachers! God help us help them from ever becoming too adulterized! 😉

  2. Tony

    A good time was had by all!

    Our family used to pop in our friends house unannounced to visit. Folks don’t do that anymore. I remember seeing the Gray family laundry being folded on the kitchen table as a kid and really though that was a pretty smart place to fold laundry! Looking back now I realize that the neighbors we live around would be mortified for someone to walk in on such a scene. We had more of a “village” mentality back then (probably assisted by the fact I actually lived in a village) and I miss that for our kids.

    Way to go Claire. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Jason D.

    Back when I was growing up, we had several families in our neighborhood with kids all the same age. Fortunately we all went to church together and often on Sunday afternoon we’d get together at someone’s house for lunch. Everyone would bring whatever they could scrounge up from their kitchen and throw in on the table. Those were fun times.

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