What I would have blogged about over the past month if I had the time…


Catalyst Speaker Summaries – I really enjoyed the Catalyst Conference this year.  I would give you all a quick rundown on the speakers but I have misplaced my conference notebook (I think it at the office).  Anyway, I really enjoyed Andy Stanley, Jim Collins, Craig Groeschel, Seth Godin, Matt Chandler, Dave Ramsey, and Tim Sanders.  I still plan on summarizing the notes I scribbled during a few of the talks.


Love is the Killer Ap by Tim Sanders. I am looking forward to reading his new book, Saving the World at Work.


New Neighbor – An Invitation to Join the Beloved Community by Leroy Barber.  Great, great book.  I wish I had been presented with the opportunity for Mission Year while in my 20s.


Jesus Wants to Save Christians by Rob Bell.  I have about 60 pages left.


The six part podcast by Andy Stanley titled “Taking Care of Business”.  I highly recommend this, especially Number 6  – Leaving Early.  My Sunday School class will be studying this once I get some notes together (i.e. in a few months I’m sure).


A comparison of Indian Guides Fall War Games Campout with my son Josh and the Indian Princesses  Fall War Games Campout with my daughter Claire.  Boys = inter tribe competition during the War Games, pine cone wars, playing with sticks in the fire, shooting guns and bow and arrows, Sleeping with their Big Brave (dad).  Girls = inter tribe competition during the War Games, hair straightening, looking for lizards, looking for shells, changing outfits, and turning half the cabin into a girls-only slumber party where the older girls look out for the younger girls.  The snoring in the dad’s side of the cabin was unbearable, compounded by dead ipod battery, so I took a mattress and put it in the bed of my truck and slept under the stars on Saturday night.  I know where I will be sleeping for now on…


Crossfit –  I have completed 90 days.  I took pictures before I started and pictures on day 90.  The physical difference is not as noticeable as I thought it would be.  I am a whole lot stronger and feel about 10x better than when I first began.  The workouts never get easier, but my recovery time is a whole lot quicker.  Great workouts and great community.


My sister’s art.  My sister has nine pieces of art hung at 801 Franklin.  Her name is Krista Colvin.  I really like what she has created.  I may go buy a piece or two myself.  Go check it out.


The four-part series I am putting together for my Sunday School class on Andy Crouch’s book Culture Making.  I will post my lesson notes once I pull them together.



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4 responses to “Intentions

  1. You did, too, post! Way to go, Larry! I knew you had it in you…

  2. Sherill

    You have been busy! Traveling, getting fit, parenting, and reading. You make me fell like a lazy bum.

    I’ll have to check out the Andy Crouch book–of course, if you want to blog your notes when you teach it that would be great too!

  3. Great list, Larry! Can I steal some of that?

    I seriously do resonate with a lot on that list. I hadn’t heard Andy Stanley’s series…I think I’ll download that. And I keep trying to get to Crouch’s book but other ones keep popping their heads up. If you post your notes, maybe I’ll read along with your class.

  4. jdinsmore04

    Glad you liked Andy’s series. I found it inspiring and I’m not even employed!

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