2009 Goals

I am a goal oriented person.  I set them every year.  I acquired the habit from my father.  When I was growing up my family would have a Goal’s Dinner every New Year’s Day.  We had to bring our list of goals for the upcoming year to the dinner and share them with the rest of the family.  I can’t remember any of the goals that I set as a kid, but I did learn that there are “goal people” (my father and me) and there are “non-goal people” (mother, sister, brother).  Dad and I would come up with list of 5 or so goals that were measureable, had a specific end, and were attainable.  The others came up with a couple of goals just to make Dad feel good.  So, to keep the tradition going, here is my list of goals for 2009.

1.      Read and study 8 books of the Bible – I am an avid reader and have lately been reading a lot of books about the Christian Faith.  It’s time that I dig in and study the source.

2.      Spend 20 minutes every Friday organizing my office at work – We moved into our new building in August and I am still living out of boxes.  And, I have a habit of making stacks for different subjects.  While the “stack method” of organization keeps me organized, it creates a messy looking work environment.   I need to actually use the filing cabinets in my office. 

3.      Complete my Crossfit benchmark workout by June 30, 2009 – Russell makes a benchmark workout for each person that works out in his gym.  You have to complete your benchmark workout in a target time to earn your Crossfit Huntsville T-shirt.  My benchmark workout is the following circuit:


Five rounds for time of the following:

12 Burpees

10 Pull ups

8 Ring Push ups

6 Get Ups with 37# Kettle Bell

4 Clean and Jerk with 135#

2 Deadlift at 2xBody Weight


The most challenging part of this workout for me is the weight of the deadlift.  I am still working up to a single rep max at 2xBW (360# if I drop a couple of pounds), then I need to get strong enough to do it 10 times over the duration of 45 minutes or so. 

4.      Take the family on a camping trip in the spring – Santa brought us a new family sized camping tent.  Since this is the first family camping outing, we will most likely go to a drive-in camp site.  Maybe DeSoto Park.


These are some of the personal things I will be working on in 2009.  Feel free to ask me how I am doing on these throughout the year.  We goal-people know that accountability is a big component of reaching your goals.




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