7:15 – 1/6/2009


I discovered a big hole in this project tonight.  I departed Huntsville at 5:45PM.  The flight to DC was 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I landed at 8:15 EST.  I DIDN’T HAVE A 7:15 TONIGHT.  Based on the flight path the time zone change occurred at about 6:30 CST, which became 7:30 EST.  I completely jumped over 7:15.  So keeping with the spirit of this silly experiment, I took a picture at 8:15 PM EST (7:15 PM CST).  I guess my time reference point is Huntsville.  Not a very exciting picture – my rental car at Hertz.  At least they had a car for me this time.



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4 responses to “7:15 – 1/6/2009

  1. My name has never been in lights… for a RENTAL CAR! That’s great!

  2. klowe

    Keep up with the experiment. I’m fascinated.

  3. You too can have your name in lights. All you have to do is sign up and pay to be in the #1 Club Gold. Sounds fancy, because it is… as you tell my the picture

  4. poppi

    was Gertrude Nuvi with you? i don’t see her name as a subscript to yours … 😉

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