7:15 – 1/11/2008


Dodgeball!!!! We end every Converge (Sunday night Youth) with a couple of games of Dodgeball.  The kids love it.  Who am I kidding, I love it!



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3 responses to “7:15 – 1/11/2008

  1. Tony

    That picture needs to be on our website.

    Very cool. I think playing together is one of the spiritual disciplines we miss the most. I believe Christ is pleased that we hurl balls (Official foam core-non-stinging balls at each other) and make (sometimes shocking) connections with one another. Perhaps this makes grasping a neighbors’ hand in prayer a little less weird. I hope so!

    BTW you may have noticed I referee a lot recently. That is because I threw my arm out playing about a month ago!

  2. James

    Hard to believe some would argue that these games are inappropriate and don’t belong in places like school or in this case church.

  3. I’ll see if I can get the photo to the Associate Youth Director :).

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