7:15 – 1/16/2009


A very quiet Friday evening.    The kids are spending the night at their Mimi’s house to give Amanda a peaceful night to recover from surgery.  (She had shoulder surgery this morning to remove a bone spur.)  I am listening to Orange Blossoms by Mofro letting my Earl Grey steep before writing a review of Shane Hipps new book Flickering Pixels – How Technology Shapes Your Faith.  (Excellent book!)  Evenings like this don’t come around that often.



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3 responses to “7:15 – 1/16/2009

  1. I think you changed that clock. And were paid big bucks for the books that were in the background to be “prominently displayed”. 🙂

  2. Come on, Hillary. Those are the “stacks on my desk”, and the clock is one of those wireless clocks that syncs up with NIST standard time. I would never fabricate a scene for a picture…never :).

  3. And it would be nice if I could get paid big bucks to read books.

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