7:15 – 1/18/2009


Youth Group.  Tonight in the senior high small group we talked about what percentage of our lives we give to God.  The verse we unpacked is Psalm 103.  Each of the leaders shared two benefits that we have experienced in knowing Christ.  Here are the two I shared.  1.  Sense of guidance and purpose – In stressful times or big decision/transition times its very comforting to remember that God is at work here.  He has led me and my family through tough decisions in the past and is not going to turn His back on us now.  Remembering this helps reduce the stress a little and allows me to listen and move in the direction God is calling.  2.  Incredible Group of Friends – Most of my deep, personal relationships are with people I have gotten to know through Christ including older relationships with people I grew up with in youth group and newer relationships with people in the Couples for Christ Sunday School Class.  I cherish the honesty, accountability, and support in these friendships.


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