7:15 – 1/23/2009


At 7:15 Amanda and I were answering questions from “The Question Box” during the first session of Christian View of Sex.  The Question Box is a way that the kids can ask any question they want anonymously.  They have four opportunities to submit questions during the weekend.  We answer any question submitted no matter how silly or serious (as you can see from the picture of round #1 there are some of both).  Why do I do this?  Someone loved me enough to be a leader of CVS while I was in Junior High, and I love these kids enough to try to help unravel the confusion in their heads about sex. 



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2 responses to “7:15 – 1/23/2009

  1. Cheri

    Do ya’ll have curriculum on this? It sounds great…

  2. Cheri, Email Amanda if you want contact information for Robin Blakemore. She is at Vestavia Hills UMC and is the conference leader of Christian View of Sex. I can’t say enough good things about the curriculum and Robin.

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