7:15 – 1/25/2009



Tonight at 7:15 I was playing my first-ever game of Butt-Charades during Converge (Youth Group).  We met in our small groups from 6:00-6:45.  Instead of worshiping as a large group, we had group game night.  Butt-Charades is a game where you divide into two teams.  You send a representative up.  Tony shows you a word, and then you have to spell the word out with your rear-end.  Your team has to try to guess the word.  Very funny!  C-A-T looks an awful lot like O-A-T or O-W-L when spell with your bottom.


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  1. I love that you tagged this with “butt-charades”. Let’s hope there aren’t too many more posts about this topic!
    Or maybe there should be- it was hilarious!

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