7:15 – 1/31/2009


Tonight at 7:15 I was at a wedding reception.  Two good friends from our Sunday School Class exchanged their vows this evening.  This is a photo of Hillary, Melissa, and Jason.  Hillary and Melisa have been trying to get into the 7:15 photo all month.  Amanda and I stayed at the wedding reception for about an hour, then we went and watched two of our Youth perform in a High School production of Urinetown.  I had never seen or heard of this musical.  I have to say, the message was very interesting and actually speaks to the current economic situation.  “Don’t be the bunny!”


This ends the 7:15 series.  Stay tuned for a summary post in the next couple of days…


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One response to “7:15 – 1/31/2009

  1. This is a horrible picture of me! Thanks! Stay tuned for speedo pictures of you on my blog.
    I told you this was awful as soon as you took it!!!! Sleep with one eye open, Lowe…

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