Bill Gates from TED

Bill Gate’s TED talk this year illuminates one of the big issues with the education system in this country.  This is the only truly socialistic enterprise in the USA and we do it well for the top 20% of the students – which can compete with the top 20% in any country of the world.  The problem is that we do it very poorly for the bottom half.  According to Mr. Gates it’s the quality of teaching that makes the most difference.  Is it possible to raise the quality of teaching in our schools?  I think it is, but it is going to take a big shift in the way we approach, respect, and incentivize teachers.  For the record, I am a huge proponent of public schooling – all three of my children will attend.  Watch the video.  The swarm of mosquitoes and the beginning is also entertaining.  “There’s no reason why only poor people should get the experience.” 

Well done, Mr. Gates. Well done!



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