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Why Are We Doing Home Groups?

CFC Lesson for 5/3/2009 – Come join us!

Information from “A Gathering Force”, by Francis Chan in Catalyst Groupzine #4 – Intentional about Community


  1. Do you believe that God started his church as a spirit-filled, loving body with the intention that it would evolve into entertaining hour-long services?
  2. What would you expect to experience as you entered the building? Now compare that to what you actually experience when you attend church.
  3. (Agree/Disagree).


Read “A Gathering Force” by Francis Chan aloud as a big group.

Did the words from the saved-ex-gang-member sting? Why? 

What groups are you apart of that are tightly connected, and feel like family? 

Should church feel like that? 

What is preventing it?

Integration and Testing

Re-read Acts 2:42-47.

Do you agree with the statement that the world is looking for a group like what is described in the verses? 

Do our schedules have any effect on this?

Does our technology adoption have any effect on this?

Do you think there are too many cultural obstacles for the Holy Spirit to overcome?

The Ask – The Sale

So why are we doing home groups?

I believe we are called to study the Word together, dine and party together, and pray together.  If we live like this we will excited and filled by the simple things.  I believe that we our time together in Christ creates a common bond amongst us.  We should do whatever it takes to make sure everyone’s needs, not wants, are met.  We need to meet at church together, but we also need to meet in public places and in each other’s homes.  If we live an authentic Christian life, God will add to our numbers and we will grow the family.


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Texas Sized Vacation

Amanda and I just got back from an incredible vacation to Austin, TX.  The motivation for the trip was the Q2009 conference.  I wanted Amanda to experience what I experience in Manhattan last year at Q2008.  The conference was Monday through Wednesday (4/27-4/29), but we decided to travel to Austin on Friday (4/24).  We arrived in Austin, rented a car, and drove to Victoria, TX to hang out with Dee Dee (Amanda’s sister) and her family.  We had a great time eating and listening to some original music (You all will be familiar with “Fast Road To Austin” in the next year or so).  Saturday we drove back to Austin.  We spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday getting to know downtown Austin.  We loved having each others full attention for five straight days – really appreciated that.  Sunday afternoon we were able to meet up with Duncan and Kathy and their crew from MBC.  Great folks!  We are looking forward to crashing their pad in Edinburgh, Scotland in the next year or so.

General thoughts on Austin:

  • I would describe downtown Austin as “uncomplicated”.  The roads are easy to walk and the restaurants are generally clustered together and easy to recognize.
  • There are no chain restaurants in the downtown area.  All restaurants were unique and added to the Austin flare.  Some of the eateries Amanda and I enjoyed include Taverna, Taste, and Miguel’s, and Lanai.  We found the corner of 4th and Colorado extremely entertaining Saturday night.  We ate Torchy’s Tacos from the Hidden Coffee Shop for breakfast many of the mornings.
  • Art is dripping off all of the walls of all of the shops and restaurants and there is live music everywhere.
  • We were lucky enough to catch the Austin Arts Festival on Sunday.  It was a big two-day event that featured about 300 artist from all over the country including many from Austin.  Live music, lot’s of native cuisine, and lots of art.  This is where we met Jeffrey Lorien, Co-founder of Zhi Tea – a small business in Austin that mixes and ships loose leaf teas.  We bought the Monk’s Blend and the Ginger Peach Oolong.  Both are very good, and I’m looking forward to ordering their Earl Grey.
  • We did not get to see the bats.  We went under the Congress Bridge on Sunday and heard them, but we never got to see them fly out (The South Congress bridge houses the largest bat colony in the US and at dusk each night they all fly out at the same time to eat dinner).
  • Highly recommend staying at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel on 7th and Congress.  Old hotel that has been restored.  The rooms have a great feel to them – you don’t feel like you are in a cookie cutter hotel room.
  • “Keep Austin Weird” is the city’s tag line.  Austin has the energy of a college town, and the maturity of a bigger city all wrapped into one.

 If you are looking for a fun place to get away – give Austin a try. 

 Special thanks to my parents and Amanda’s mom for keeping the kids for our get-away!


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