About Larry

Larry Lowe is an Electrical Engineer living in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife (Amanda), three children (Claire, Joshua, and Claudia), and a cat (Little Kitty).  He was born and raised in Huntsville and has lived there his entire life except for eight years spent in college at Auburn University.  He is actively involved in his family, work, church, and community.  His “down time” is spent reading and studying a wide variety of subjects – most of which you can find in piles on his desk, hence the name of this blog.  This blog is an outlet for him to explore and discuss the topics he reads and the activities of his life.


[More to come]














3 responses to “About Larry

  1. Luke P

    Larry! i didn’t know you had a blog!
    Did you code this yourself or get someone to do it?
    I kinda know how to code PHP and CSS for WordPress

  2. sigmugi

    Luke, This is one of the free backgrounds from wordpress. I would like to change a few things. If you have some ideas, let’s talk on Sunday.

  3. Love to help you with your web design Larry. Just drop me a line.

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